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Independent Pathways, LLC

"Reaching Goals Together"

Our History

The mission and work of Independent Pathways, LLC began in May of 2012. However, the experience and compassion that drives the company goes back much further. Quentin Parsons, CEO/Director of Independent Pathways, began working in the field of developmental disabilities when he was first employed by the State of Ohio in November of 1982 at the Apple Creek Developmental Center, while he was a student at the University of Akron. He viewed this job as a temporary one while working his way through college and never envisioned this work as a life long calling. Through the ensuing years he worked in a variety of supervisory positions in the field of developmental disabilities. This created a well spring of experience in assisting a multitude of individuals and directing their staff with an emphasis on empathy and professionalism, which are embodied in our current mission statement. Our endeavors in what we refer to as "pathways" with our clients has been very exciting as we move forward on life's journey together.